Information on how to start and run a singles league

Darts is a numbers game. We like to use number to determine where people should play. Yes, there are levels; there are levels in every single sport out there and our goal is to get EVERYONE playing darts and wanting to be competitive.

Not every player can be at the top, but that doesn't mean they are not competitive and trying the best they can. By offering different levels of play with a statistical tracking method for advancement, we're trying to encourage new or lower players to improve.

Each PlayDartsAmerica league is designed to last about 1 hour 10 minutes, so you can have different levels of play going on at the same time and have your schedules work out the same.

League3-dart avg / darts per game / Darts IndexFormatPlayDartsAmeria
Other League Comparison
Premier71+ / < 22 darts per game / <= 7.0Best of 18MastersA+ or AA
160+ / < 26 darts per game / <= 8.4Best of 16AAA or AA
252+ / < 30 darts per game / <= 10.0Best of 12AA
342+ / < 36 darts per game / <= 12.0 Best of 8BB
431+ / < 48 darts per game / <= 16.0 Best of 6CC
5Under 31 / 48+ darts per game / > 16.0 )Best of 4DD

You can start with as little as 2 players and you can have a league. Granted the more players you have the better, but anyone can start with the smallest amount. Our first associated league started with 2 players 3 years ago and now has 5 different venues across multiple skill levels.

More details to come soon...