Determining Your Darts Skill Level

One of the more basic questions any new darter asks is "how good am I?" and "what league should I be in?". These are good questions and usually there isn't a concrete way of answering other than "well, join a team and see where you are at". I don't like this method.

Darts is a numbers game, let's use numbers to determine your skill level :)

Play 5-20 games of 501 (the more the better). Count the number of darts it took to finish each leg; don't forget that a "bust" counts as 3 darts. Example: 26, 27, 32, 21, 19, 25, 33, 30, 27, 28 [you are NOT entering what you scored with each round of darts, you are counting the total darts for each leg/game or 501]
Enter Scores:

The result generated here is close, but will become more accurate as more matches are played and the full system is implemented.

The goal of the Darts Index System is to create a universal rating system for dart players so players can properly be placed into leagues, and into divisional competitions. The full system takes your best 20 of your last 30 (or corresponding 2/3) match ratings and computes an average from that. Each individual match rating can be adjusted for blowout legs, quality legs, number of legs thrown, if you won the match or not, etc.